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In Due Season Publishing Process

In Due Season Publishing works diligently with authors to ensure that they are pleased with the finished product. You will hear us frequently refer to your book as your "baby." The reason why we do so is the typical author has been carrying around their book for sometime and the process of birthing your book at times will cause you to react in some of the same ways that a mother who is expecting a new born. There will be days of anxiety, excitement and joyous celebration once your book finally arrives. Please read below at the In Due Season Publishing process to make sure that the delivery of your baby is as smooth as possible.

1. Your book should be typed in a Word file and emailed to at which time you will be notified that we have received it.  In Due Season Publishing reserves the right to refuse to publish any manuscript that we do not feel that are in keeping with our standards. You will be notified by email or phone to verify if we will agree to publish your work.  


2. As you have noticed we do NOT include a fee schedule because each project does not require the same level of service. Some projects require in depth editing and on occasion a complete re-write. Once it has been reviewed  you will be notified as to how much your project will cost. 

3.Your manuscript will be proofread and edited. Then it will be sent to the author for approval and necessary changes.

4. Once the manuscript has been approved by the author, a file will be sent to the author for review.

5. While the manuscript is being edited, you may receive front and back cover designs for your review. In Due Season works diligently with authors to help bring their vision to life.

5. A proof  (what the book will actually look like) will be sent to the author for review and final approval

6. Once the book has been approved by the author, you will be able to place your order for your books from In Due Season.

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